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Get to know inteos® at the Vorarlberg job fair! | 22.01.2022

In 2022 we will again be present at the job fair of the FH Vorarlberg. The job fair, which has been held exclusively digitally since 2021, offers you the opportunity to get to know us easily with a laptop and webcam and to gain an insight into our company!

No matter if you are already an established programmer or if you are looking for a career in the industry - we are looking forward to meeting you!

On January 21, 2022, we will be available for you all day from 9:00 at this link.



Sustainability in practice - with inteos®

Making textile production more sustainable and resource-saving is one of the most important benefits we realize for our customers with inteos®. The focus on a careful handling of the environment is anchored in our corporate philosophy. That is why, together with our "sister company", Julius Ott GmbH, we have decided to make a clear commitment to this philosophy: over 1200 square meters of the previously fallow roof surfaces of our company building will be equipped with a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity.

The system, which offers a total of 250 kWp peak power and will produce up to 250,000 kWh of electricity per year, will not only cover a large part of our own energy needs for our server infrastructure in the future, but will also supply the inteos® customer Grabher Textilveredelung, which is located on our premises, with 100% ecologically generated energy. For our employees and customers, we provide two charging stations for electric cars, where they can be charged free of charge during our business hours.

Spima - Stickerei - Konfektion 1960, textil software inteos®

Industrie 4.0 pour Bandex

L'entreprise de tissage Bandex de Koblach obtiendra ces solutions informatiques sur le "marché intérieur" et s'appuiera sur inteos® à l'avenir. Elle rejoint ainsi un nombre croissant d'autres sociétés des entreprises textiles renommées du Vorarlberg telles que Getzner et Willy Hermann qui utilisent déjà notre logiciel depuis longtemps.

Case Study


PRESS: inteos in "Technofashion" | 16.12.2020

The Italian industry magazine Technofashion has a detailed report on inteos® and Halo in its December issue.

The piece focuses on two solutions - equally innovative but of very different magnitude - that we have realised for the Vorarlberg ribbon weaving company Bandex and for the Italian industry giant Calzedonia.

Featured are our OPC-UA integration for Bandex, realised in cooperation with the Liechtenstein company Pantec, and a large-scale project with over 2,000 single-user licences for Calzedonia.

Unfortunately, the text is currently only available in Italian - but the great layout alone is worth a click!

For both projects, there are also detailed case studies in English that we created - to be found here for Bandex and Calzedonia.


Click here for the article


Case Studies: Bandex, Calzedonia, Leco

NEW: Case studies of reference projects!

We have prepared detailed case studies for our projects for Bandex, Calzedonia  and Leco.

Get an impression of what an inteos project looks like in detail - for example the OPC UA interface for Bandex, which is new in the textile sector, or a solution for 2000 licences for Calzedonia at the new ITACA plant in Ethiopia!

"Textile World" reports on inteos

In the current online edition of the trade magazine "Textile World" you will find an overview of ERP and MES software for textile production currently available on the market. Also presented is inteos®!

Unfortunately a small error has crept in: of course our software also has "PLM capabilities" (Product Lifecycle Management) - inteos is a completely integrated and consistent solution!

Press release

Lingerie manufacturer Mey relies on inteos®

Le fabricant de lingerie Mey fait confiance à inteos®

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que nous avons gagné un autre client renommé avec la société Mey à Albstadt. Mey GmbH & Co. KG fournit des vêtements de jour et de nuit et de la lingerie de haute qualité et est l'une des sociétés les plus renommées
dans ce domaine. Mey fait confiance aux solutions MES sur mesure d'inteos® pour les secteurs de l'habillement, de la finition et du tricot.

Mey Bodywear

30 years Halo

Halo - 30e anniversaire

Notre 30e anniversaire à Meran:


ITMA, Barcelona | inteos, textile software

ITMA - Daily News

Check out the latest report on inteos® in the "Daily News" of the ITMA in Barcelona.

Issue 6 June 25/26 2019

Tansy Fall reports in WTiN: "Customise your solution"

IoTex - Digitalising the Textile Value Chain

IoTex "Digitalising the Textile Value Chain", published by WTiN Issue 5 2017, Tansy Fall reports: "Customise your solution"

Thema: "Industry 4.0 • Internet of Things • Digitally Enabled Business"


Marcus Ott & Oliver Schermuly

Strategic partnership with Setex Schermuly


Industry leaders collaborate for a comprehensive system towards industry 4.0.

SETEX Schermuly textile computer GmbH, Mengerskirchen/Germany, a market leader in designing, manufacturing and implementing automation solutions for the textile dyeing and finishing market, and the company Halo, ERP-provider and specialist for customized solutions from fibre to product, announce to have entered into a strategical partnership.
The strategic alliance allows the teams from SETEX Schermuly and Halo to put into practice a comprehensive solution for processing and finishing of textiles via integration of inteos® and OrgaTEX components.

PRESS Release

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