Monitoring | Plant view

Quality | Management and documentation


Quality management enables monitoring and evaluation of all relevant quality data in all production processes.

Quality data can also be structured and classified according to order, article and part.


Monitoring | Plant view


The plant view enables the transparent monitoring of machines and all required resources.

The graphic real-time display of the machine status and the integrated alarm server identify problems immediately.

The master data for machines, personnel and shift calendar are easy and flexible to manage.

 Quality | Management and documentation
 Planning | Control

Handheld | Infopoint


Our robust handheld can be used in all production stages and enables flexible and independent access to all production data that our Infopoint application provides. The integrated alarm server warns of deviations and irregularities.

The handheld establishes the connection between "human" and "machine" and offers countless possibilities, ranging from visual documentation to barcode scanning and messaging functions.

A particular focus is on use in the areas of production, quality, maintenance and warehouse management.


Planning | Control


Production planning for all production processes can be carried out with ease and flexibility – completely integrated and connected throughout.

For determining the planned completion dates, all relevant parameters are considered – for example style, speed, efficiency and shift calendar.

The compatibility check supports the process of selecting the most appropriate machine. The integrated alarm server monitors the compliance with the projected completion date for all production processes.

 Handheld | Infopoint

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