Sustainability – in every respect

With inteos® you go for sustainability – in every respect. We understand economic and ecological sustainability as essentially interlinked processes. The more efficiently you design your internal processes, the less time, money and manpower is invested, the less resources are wasted.

With inteos® you increase the transparency of your company processes, optimize machine utilization and inventory levels and thus maximize your productivity and minimize costs and resource use. Not only is your company balance sheet happy - the ecological one will also thank you.

Return on Investment

Our most important concern is to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) for our customers. With this we target not only the immediate effects of using our software, but at a comprehensive and long-term overall package - inteos® is offered to you at a fixed price that you can rely on.

You can also rely on long-term support for our software, which we have been continuously developing for 30 years in collaboration with our existing customers. Your existing software is continuously updated and always kept up to date with the latest technology. Below are some examples of how you can improve your input-output ratio with inteos®.

Picking & packing
Smart logistics management

Smart logistics management

With inteos® you massively reduce the combined duration of your processes of admission into the warehouse and taking out of the warehouse. Goods are entered into the system when they arrive with the help of our mobile scanners and can be processed with just one click when they are taken out of the warehouse - this results in time savings of up to 50%.

Power savings

Save electricity and energy

The most efficient use of all input factors is just as important for ecological reasons as for economic ones. The efficiency gain through inteos® enables savings in electricity and energy consumption of up to 15% - savings that are directly reflected in your cost structure and help to make your company climate-neutral in the long term.

Reducing downtimes
Maintenance managment

Reducing downtimes

With inteos® you reduce downtimes and make the most of your machines. So no valuable capital factors go unused. To reduce downtimes, we use the following tools integrated in inteos®:

  • Maintenance management
  • Accessory management
  • Quality management
  • Alarmserver
  • Traceability


Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Not only are downtimes reduced with inteos®, but the quality of your goods is also optimised. Shrinkage and poor quality are massively reduced and resources and labour are optimally utilized.

Quality assurance
How inteos ensures transparency

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