Our interfaces - "plug and play"

We map all the requirements of your company: from fibre to product, from offer to invoice. We consider this consistency to be central to being able to meet the claim of our software to realise "Industry 4.0" for textile companies. We have been committed to this basic idea for 30 years.

We also keep the idea of "total integration" in mind when it comes to connecting our system to other providers: regardless of whether our industry-leading MES solution is to be connected to an existing ERP system or a solution programmed in your company on your own initiative - we provide defined interfaces that have been tested for their functionality in other projects or create an integration for your individual company solution without any problems.

From SAP to Microsoft Dynamics - we offer an interface for all common industry solutions that is adapted to your needs and does not require any additional programming or costs!

inteos® interfaces for ERP

Scenario 1

inteos® textile ERP & MES with third-party ERP for financial accounting

Textile ERP & MES application in inteos®Financial accounting in third-party ERP, for example

  • BI / Board
  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Payroll accounting etc.
inteos® MES+ with third-party ERP

Scenario 2

inteos® MES+ with third-party ERP

MES+ application in inteos®
ERP applications and financial accounting in third-party ERP, for example

  • Distribituion, e.g.: order - delivery note - invoice
  • Financial accounting in ERP, for example
    • BI / Board
    • Financial and managerial accounting
    • Payroll accounting etc.
inteos® MES with third-party ERP

Scenario 3

inteos® MES with third-party ERP

MES monitoring applications in inteos®
ERP and financial accounting via third-party system

SAP interface - plug and play

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