Bernd Drechsel

Managing Director,  TVD - Textilveredlung Drechsel GmbH

Case Study: "Time is money - no more pointless journeys."

“As a medium-sized service provider we are in need of an ERP vendor who thinks just like we do and is just as flexible. We're happy to say we found our match with Halo!”

Danilia Pieri, Swisslastic AG St. Gallen
Bernd Drechsel, Textilveredlung Drechsel

Danilo Pieri

Managing Director,
Swisslastic AG St. Gallen

„Today, swift and pragmatic solutions are more in demand than ever before.

Thanks to the Halo ERP solution inteos® we were able to significantly improve our operations relating to procurement, warehousing, production and logistics. inteos® grows in line with our needs and supports the continuous improvement and innovation process."



Statement Project Director, ITACA, Production site in Mek'ele, Ethiopia

Case Study: inteos® in Ethiopia - 2000 workstations for Calzedonia


„inteos® was completely connected to the ERP system from ITACA. The continuously transmitted progress reports on the production process deliver reliable, real-time updates to the ERP system, which can be evaluated both for the optimization of production processes and for financial and accounting purposes.

Ethiopia, Calzedonia
Marco Maske, Wilhelm Kneitz AG

Marco Maske

Manager IT,
Wilhelm Kneitz AG

„In search of a modern solution that covers planning, controlling and monitoring of our production, only one provider was able to satisfy our high standards.  For us, the illustration of custom-made designs and individual adjustments was especially important. Here, Halos high degree of textile know-how has significantly contributed to the process optimization and has enabled an easy communication on an equal footing.

After implementing inteos®, we are not talking about a "standard" MES or PPS solution anymore. It is a product that lives with us and develops further together with us. Halo and inteos® paved the way for us to meet the required standards of the automobile industry in terms of quality, flexibility, customer focus and transparency. It also enabled us to optimize our entire production workflow.”


Bärbel Hoffmann

Project Manager,
SETEX Textil GmbH

„Through the establishment of inteos® – from yarn management to our finished goods warehouse – we have achieved tremendously high transparency throughout our company so we are very fast to give our customers meaningful answers, as well.
inteos® supports – among other things – our daily work with

  • various overviews in weaving preparation / weaving / finishing
  • automatic postings within production (production stages / goods postings)
  • scanner-based postings
  • miscellaneous evaluations
  • EDI applications in the inventory management system
  • and so much more!

Likewise, the traceability of our individual production steps is guaranteed at any time!"

Bärbel Hoffmann, SETEX-Textil-GmbH

Christoph Seiger

Operation Manager,
LECO-Werke Lechtreck GmbH&Co.KG


Case Study: From analogue paperwork to digital production


„We can only confirm that everything Halo promises will be implemented. The employees at Halo have a very good understanding of textiles, know the specifics of the different textile industries and thus speak our textile language.

The collaboration was and is always good and goaloriented. We are confident that with Halo and inteos® we have chosen the right partner.

Christoph Seiger, Leco-Werke
Marcus Ott  | Roland Hassler

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